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Genealogy Links

Here you will find lots of genealogy related links, listed in alphabetical order.  Many have assisted me in my personal
genealogy research.  Some offer information, products, or services that may be of interest to you too.  They are
provided for your convenience.  I do not endorse and or take responsibility for the content, privacy practices,
transactions or other functions of these websites.


People Search: Genealogy Resources - Many resources including basic history, resources to locate family, plus
history about the past and immigration.
Poorhouse History by State - A clearinghouse for information about 19th century American poorhouses...for history
buffs, genealogists, teachers, students, and others with similar interests


Regional Genealogy and Local History Research - Local History and Genealogy Portals to the World - Regional
genealogy and local history research includes:  areas, countries, directories, ethnic group populations,
organizations, local ancestry and local history studies
Relation Creations - Relation Creations prints decorative family tree charts that use graphical objects, like pine
cones and gourds, to represent people.
Researching Your Ancestors - Researching Your Ancestors is a blog that shares helpful, ongoing tips for people
beginning to research their ancestors and build their family tree, by providing basic genealogy instruction.  The
step-by-step instructional format allows beginners the opportunity to understand the process of proper research and
includes downloadable forms that can be printed out as an aid.  Comments, questions and guest bloggers
Resource Central - World Resources for All Informational Research - Genealogy research resources including lists of surnames, family trees, ROOTS-L and other mailing


Society of Indiana Pioneers - Honoring the memory and the work of the Pioneers of Indiana.
Surname Finder - Providing easy access to free and commercial resources for 1,731,359 surnames - A genealogy website to assist you in preserving your family history, stories and genealogy research


The Family History Store - Products for discovering, preserving and celebrating your heritage
The Genealogy Register - Discover your ancestors with thousands of links to online census records, passenger
lists, vital records, obituaries, military rosters, surname homepages, and more
The Indiana Historical Society - Works to collect, preserve, and promote the history of the 19th state. Includes
collections, exhibitions, publications, and other programs.
The Korean War Project - KIA, MIA, WIA databases, looking for and remembrance boards
The National Genealogy  Society
The Overland Trail - Information on the Overland Trail from many sources including hundreds of books, diaries,
military histories, newspaper accounts, and photos
The Vietnam Wall on the Web
This & That Genealogy Tips
Today in History - Each day an event from American History is illustrated by digitized items from the Library of
Congress American Memory historic collections
Tooley Family Genealogy
Tri-State Genealogical Society - Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky


Understanding Sources, Citations and Documentation
U.S. County Outline Maps
U.S. GenWeb Genealogical Events Calendar - International, national, special, and state events
U.S. Historical Society Directory
U.S. Library of Congress
U.S. Marriage Database - A guide to finding marriage records and databases on the internet
U.S. National Archives and Records Administration


Vital Records Guide - Complete online guide to U.S vital records - find birth certificates, death certificates, marriage
licenses, and divorce records

LINKS W - Find what your name means, many meanings for each name.  Search for names
by their gender and learn where they originated from.
Winslow Genealogy - Database of over 34,000 surnames and their meaning
WorldConnect Project - Over 35 million searchable gedcoms
WPA Life Stories - Library of Congress collection includes 2,900 documents representing the work of over 300
writers from 24 states

LINKS Y - Finding ancestors and lost relatives
Your Family Legacy - Family heritage scrapbooking and archival supplies to discover the past, capture the present,
and preserve the future
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HOME          FREE INDEXES         ABOUT EACH INDEX         FOUND IT! NOW WHAT?         LINKS         SITE MAP         CONTACT
Free Every Name Genealogy Indexes for Old County Histories

Make a suggestion
for a future
indexing project

Is there an old
county history
you would like
to see indexed?

Stop by the
Facebook page
and let me know!  
"Finally! An Every Name
Index for my county
history.  I was dreading
reading that big book but
thanks to your Every
Name Index, I easily
found the passages that
mentioned my family

"I was so glad to find your
Every Name Index online.  
Since it was prepared and
cross-indexed to be as
helpful to the family
researcher as possible, I
was quickly able to find my
maiden name and learned
a lot about her family.  I
found new clues to take my
family tree back one more
generation.  Thanks so

"Thank  you so very very
much!  This is terrific.  
Although I have a lot of  
my family information and
a lot of the extensions,
this will help me verify
even more!  What a very  
considerate contribution
to all of us. . . Just
thinking about how I can
check all of the dates,
etc. is making me eager
to get started...but
gosh!   Where to  start!  
Hugs a bunch!