I always enjoy hearing from folks that have used my website and found information that has helped them in their
research.  Nice comments and feedback encourage and motivate me to continue to index more old county histories and
other publications.  Hearing that my efforts are truly appreciated really makes my day!   Thanks to all have sent notes of
appreciation and encouragement.  Here are just a few of them below, and I thank you very much!


"What a wonderful and time-consuming job you have done. Thank you!"

"I'm the youth librarian for some lovely kids in California.  I just wanted to take the time to send you a quick thank you
note on behalf of my library class and myself for providing the resources on your web page.  We've started a young
genealogists program here at the library, and had found your page to be a great reference for the kids, and wanted to
extend our thanks for your help."

"I was certain my family the NORMAN's were some of the first settlers in Miami County and they were. What a great day
and without you - impossible.  Thanks so much. Bless you in your efforts and I will spread the word to my researching

"That index is nicely done, Cathy! Thank you!!!! A great site that I'd never heard of before, too."

"Your resource on genealogy is great! I am a teacher and right now we're learning about Ellis Island and Angel Island.  
The kids are really enjoying the subject learning about past generations as I enjoy teaching and discussing it.  I wanted
to thank you for having such a great page, the All Genealogy Sites directory page was helpful too!"

"I just want to thank you for your gift to researchers of the Clearfield Co. PA, your every name index for the History of
that county.  I have been enjoying browsing the history online this week, with the help of your index, finding mentions of
my ancestors from that area.  It is great fun, and I am grateful for your hard work.  I am also looking forward to sharing it
with my mother, whose grandmother was born in Clearfield Co.  Thank You!"

"Finally! An Every Name Index for my county history.  I was dreading reading that big book but thanks to your Every
Name Index, I easily found the passages that mentioned my family surnames."

"I was so glad to find your Every Name Index online.  Since it was prepared and cross-indexed to be as helpful to the
family researcher as possible, I was quickly able to find my great-grandmother's maiden name and learned a lot about
her family.  I found new clues to take my family tree back one more generation.  Thanks so much!"

"Thank  you so very very much!  This is terrific.  Although I have a lot of  my family information and a lot of the extensions,
this will help me verify even more!  What a very  considerate contribution to all of us. . . Just thinking about how I can
check all of the dates, etc. is making me eager to get started...but gosh!   Where to  start!  Hugs a bunch!

"I have very limited amounts of time to spend in the library doing research.  I was excited to find your Every Name Indexes
online.  They have helped me focus my efforts and make the best use of my time while there.  I can't wait to go back and
use the index again and find more information about my family!"

"Thanks for all you are doing to keep your website free to everyone.  Having your free Every Name Indexes online has
been a huge help to me.  I love to do research but reading those big county histories is so tiring.  I am so glad you
started this site!"

"I can't thank you enough for all the hard work you put in on your Every Name Indexes.  Your indexes have saved me a
lot of time and have helped me take my family back one more generation.  With a small clue in the county history book I
was able to get my ancestor's Civil War Pension file.  In that file I found the names of his parents, his siblings, and where
he was married.  I hit the jackpot!  I just wanted you to know your hard work is appreciated and is really helping others!

"I'm not quite sure how you stay motivated to continue to compile all these indexes, but I for one sure appreciate it.  
Thanks for all you do and I look forward to every new index that you provide for us.  I hope you continue for a long time.  
New FREE genealogy resources on the internet appear to be harder and harder to find.  Keep up the good work!  It's
much appreciated!"

" I don't know if I've written you before to tell you what incredible work you have done but every time I go to the site, I am
amazed all over again at your effort.  I have the book which you have indexed and people email all the time asking me to
look for an ancestor, I used to have to comb slowly through a county's pages to look for the name.  It was a long
process!  Now I reference your site and know immediately if they are in the book and on what pages.  It's AWESOME!  
Nice Job!"

"I want to thank you again for all the indexing you have done.  This is quite an accomplishment.  Also thanks for taking
the time and locating the Fayette Co. History online.   I've gone back another generation and confirmed my ancestors
were Mennonite.  This is most interesting because my husband and I joined the Mennonite church a little less than two
years ago.  I just love genealogy research!"

"Your commitment on such a daunting project is commendable and I appreciate it greatly!  Blessings to you and yours.  
Thank you."
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