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"I can't thank you
enough for all the hard
work you put in on your
Every Name Indexes.  
Your indexes have saved
me a lot of time and have
helped me take my family
back one more
generation.  With a small
clue in the county history
book I was able to get my
ancestor's Civil War
Pension file.  In that file I
found the names of his
parents, his siblings, and
where he was married.  I
hit the jackpot!  I just
wanted you to know your
hard work is appreciated
and is really helping

" I don't know if I've
written you before to tell
you what incredible work
you have done but every
time I go to the site, I am
amazed all over again at
your effort.  I have the
book which you have
indexed and people email
all the time asking me to
look for an ancestor, I
used to have to comb
slowly through a county's
pages to look for the
name.  It was a long
process!  Now I
reference your site and
know immediately if they
are in the book and on
what pages.  It's
AWESOME!  Nice Job!"

"I want to thank you
again for all the indexing
you have done.  This is
really quite an
accomplishment.  Also
thanks for taking the time
and locating the Fayette
Co. History online.   I've
gone back another
generation and
confirmed my ancestors
were Mennonite.  This is
most interesting because
my husband and I joined
the Mennonite church a
little less than two years
ago.  I just love
genealogy research!"

These databases are offered as a free service to help you quickly find passages in original texts that relate to your ancestors or surnames.  
Any transcription may be subject to error, however every effort has been made to be sure the information provided is accurate and

Most of these Every Name Indexes I have personally prepared.  I have included links to other free indexes available on the internet as well
on other websites.  Those are indicated with the notation "off site".  

For a detailed explanation of how my indexes are compiled please read the
About Each Index page.

All of the original texts I use for indexing are borrowed from university libraries or have been obtained through the inter-library loan system.  I
do not own a copy of any of the original texts.  Once the Every Name Index is completed and available here on my website, the original text
has been returned to the lender.  Therefore, I cannot do a look-up for you.

Each index page contains a link to the original text online if it is available.  If you find your ancestor's name, look for the link to do your own
look-up.  If no online source is available for the original text, please be sure to read the
Found It!  Now What? page for suggestions to help
locate the original text.

New Every Name Indexes are added frequently so please check back often to see what is new!

Be sure to become an EveryNameIndex.com
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upcoming projects.  Good luck in your search.  I hope you find something here to help you.

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